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by | Nov 10, 2014

I could call it the best family counseling we ever paid for.

We weren’t there for family counseling, but if functioning better as a family is a fringe benefit who’s going to complain, right?

We turned to Dawn Franks for some good old-fashioned advice on how to be thoughtful – strategic even – about the money we get to give away. Dave and I wanted to integrate our grown-up kids into a giving process that would be family-friendly. And we wanted a big bang for our buck.

See, the thing is, in America even middle class people can give away a little money each year. We truly live in a land of blessing.

So how to give with intention and purpose as a family?

I first met Dawn years ago when a group of parents started a nonprofit almost accidentally. Someone said she was the best source of wisdom about nonprofits.

Over the years, behind the scenes with dozens of the nonprofits I have reported on – many in this column – Dawn’s influence and love were evident.

She absolutely has an insider’s view of what is needed and helpful in the nonprofit sector. So, I was happy when I heard she was stepping into a new venture to help families give carefully and thoughtfully.

Our family sat around her conference table laughing and playing games. It was fun, informative, and oh-so-helpful.

Her new endeavor is called Your Philanthropy. None of us have to be rich to turn to Dawn for advice; her fees are worth every penny.

In fact, I happen to know from the work I’ve done with nonprofits that the most committed givers are often passionate people who make the effort their priority. Because they are frequently middle-class folks, they give money but they also give all the rest of the good stuff, like time and energy and ideas and they bring their friends to help, too.

“Your Philanthropy works exclusively – and confidentially – with the donor to help identify and achieve their giving goals” according to their website at your-philanthropy.com, “Everything we offer is customized to your individual needs, ensuring that your philanthropic investments effectively coordinate with the causes and issues about which you are most passionate and committed.”

If you go to the website, you won’t see anything about family counseling. And you won’t see anything listing the hundreds of nonprofits served when families commit to the process of giving in a purposeful way. You also won’t see anything about how healthy it is for families when they focus on others in our community.    Nope. That’s not on the website. That’s just me talking.

May you be blessed with something to give away. And with the joy of being aware of God’s abundance expressed in your life.

            Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Comments are invited at cathykrafve@gmail.com.  

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  1. Lorie Farrar

    Thanks for posting. I’ll jot a note to Cathy as well.
    Hope you’re thriving in your new space & place.


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