How the Goldilocks Rule Makes Your Giving “Just Right”

Just Right Giving

A bowl of oatmeal with steam dancing above is just right in my opinion. Goldilocks would disagree and declare my bowl of oatmeal “too hot.” Like Goldilocks’ preference for baby bear’s “just right” porridge, donors have a just right style of giving. Because each of us has a personal giving signature, what I call Giving Fingerprints, we are attracted to different causes, organizations and ways of gi ...[Read More]

Helpers Can Make Year-End Giving More Meaningful

nonprofit helper

Helpers come in all sizes and forms. It has been such an odd year. I can’t imagine what things might be like at the North Pole. What would Santa Claus do without his helpers, elves in green suits with pointy toes, to prepare for the all-important worldwide delivery of packages to good boys and girls? Santa is not the only person who needs helpers. Ours may not come dressed in red or green, b ...[Read More]

How to Join the Donation Crowd and Avoid Fear of the Unknown

nonprofit survival

Are you feeling down about the future? Join the crowd. Let’s create our own crowd – let’s hang together and give together so that others, including our families and friends, will find help when it is needed. I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Giving is different this year, more critical than ever. You don’t even have to look at the calendar to know time is short as we approach the end of the year. &nbs ...[Read More]

Daring to Risk Failure Leads to Greater Success

fail forward

After reading Dawn’s blog last week, I accepted the challenge and read Suzanne Smith’s article, “The Social Sector’s F-Word — Failure”.  As a former Founder/Executive Director of a local nonprofit, many of Smith’s points brought back memories and lessons learned. It reminded me that daring to risk failure can lead to greater success. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, whether it was f ...[Read More]

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