Your Philanthropy™ works exclusively – and confidentially
– with donors at any stage of giving.

Your Philanthropy believes your giving matters, should align with your values and priorities and have the impact you seek. Educated philanthropists translate good intentions into smart practices. Family legacy decisions are clearly planned and articulated for the generations ahead.

Giving Fingerprints


Your Philanthropy can provide you with a variety of tools and strategies designed to help you give more effectively.

Foundation Management

We can run the day-to-day operations of your foundation freeing you to focus on parts of the giving process you most enjoy.

Family Engagement

Your Philanthropy can help you share your giving goals with the next generation and prepare them to carry on your legacy of giving.

Corporate Giving

Your Philanthropy can assist entrepreneurs and business owners with the creation of corporate giving plans that integrate generosity into the workplace.

Professional Advisors

Are you a professional advisor? Your Philanthropy can partner with you to help your high net worth clients achieve their giving goals while you focus on your area of expertise.

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