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Your Philanthropy

is a bridge between
the charitable and giving communities,
allowing you to connect and achieve your goals.

Your Philanthropy is an independent firm with a focus on you: who you are, why you give and how to accomplish your personal philanthropic goals. Individual, family, business or family foundation – you are the focus.

Your Philanthropy is your partner, guide and friend in the incredible journey of philanthropy.

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You can rely on our expertise.

We use hard and soft skills to supplement the donor’s knowledge, fill service gaps and solve problems.

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You can feel protected.

We act as a gatekeeper for you, the donor. We establish and maintain appropriate boundaries and provide fiscal controls.

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You can continually expand your learning base.

We look for ways to educate donors and create ongoing learning opportunities. As social needs, laws and communities change, donors must understand how to make informed gifts.

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You can make dreams come true.

We help make donors’ dreams possible by facilitating dialogue and identifying opportunities. In keeping a pulse on the nonprofit world, we help you make gifts that will transform and inspire.

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You can create and leave a legacy.

We help donors discover the path for their personal giving legacy and ensure that this legacy continues through future generations.

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Services At-A-Glance

Foundation Management for Private & Family Foundations

  • We support startup and infrastructure development.
  • We manage and maintain a myriad of administrative “back-office” services that integrate day-to-day foundation and grant-making operations.
  • We establish procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and to safeguard funds.
  • We research and evaluate new and existing nonprofit organizations.
  • We assist foundations with website creation or redevelopment.

Consulting & Support Services for Private & Family Foundations

  • We provide consulting and strategic planning to make donor-centric giving possible.
  • We provide donors with a team of advisors or serve as a member of an existing team of consultants.
  • We function as the public face of the foundation or as its representative.
  • We provide solutions to problems unique to foundation work and transformational donor giving.
  • We craft donor agreements and legacy statements.
  • We educate donors through blogs, articles and e-books.

Consulting & Support Services for Individuals & Families

  • Through coaching and mentoring, we facilitate family relationships to embrace and grow giving.
  • We build bridges between generations to ensure a lasting family-giving legacy.

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