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Give Well: Turn special event fundraising into philanthropy networking

Give Well: Giving Matters When It’s Cold Outside

Give Well: Give big, with confidence

Give Well: Make the right giving decisions

Give Well: Respect and trust makes better giving

Give Well: The truth about anonymous giving

Give Well: Understanding nonprofit duplication

Give Well: Give to help feed our neighbors

Give Well: Steps to giving you’ll brag about

Give Well: All children benefit from gifts to early childhood education

Give Well: Summer days are good for kids to learn generosity

Give Well: Uncommon conversations spark giving

Give Well: Social media likes and shares not enough

Give Well: Help Ukrainians now and later

Give Well: Tips for philanthropy networking at a special event

Give Well: What’s in your pockets?

Give Well: Now is a good time to plan family giving

Give well all year long

Gift catalogs help us honor others

Giving leads to warm glow effect

Walk with Giving Giants

Ripples of giving and change

Change the world a few minutes everyday

Live into your own legacy

Make giving a one in a row

General and unrestricted giving is important

Technology does not make a healthy nonprofit

Tips for a summer of generosity

Dawn Franks on Route 664: The Road to Human Kindness

Ask nonprofits how overheads help them meet their missions

Give to honor graduates

Giving Over Time Makes You a Better Giver

Questions make you a better giver

How Relatives Can Grow Family Giving Traditions

Donors are key to change

Love your favorite nonprofit all month long

Use the Goldilocks Rule to give well

Let Giving Be Part of the Legacy You Leave

Generosity comes in many forms

Start year-end giving now

Short and long view funding

Role models can make you a better donor

Have everything in order and include the next generation in your plans

A memorial gift can help fill the empty seat at the holiday table

What to do for the holidays? Give now and plan for 2020

Give Confidently

Tiny little actions create great change

Turn special event fundraising into philanthropy networking

Nonprofit stories should include true costs

Fundraising as children leads to generosity as adults

Faith at the center of work and a nonprofit

Give to one person to change one life

Engaging the Diversity of Family Foundations and High Net Worth Individuals: Considerations for Philanthropy Consultants

The Diversity of Family Foundations and Engaging High Net Worth Individuals

Let grandchildren tag along to create memories

Giving responses to nonprofit transitions

How changing your values can change your giving

Questions to ask before scaling a nonprofit

Dig into a nonprofit’s numbers

Give with your heart and still be smart

Try giving — Bill Gates style

What Do You Hope for Tyler in 2019?

Be the one a nonprofit is counting on


Thankfulness leads to our generosity

Let passion guide how you give to the community

Generosity as an Inheritance

Philanthropy is often an accidental journey

Identify your unique giving brand

‘Phone a friend’ about your favorite organizations

Things to look for in identifying a personal giving adviser

Know when to donate to founder-led organizations

Curiosity helps you identify solutions

Continue to support a nonprofit if it falls on hard times

All gifts count to tackle the complex problem of poverty

Determine nonprofit fitness before donating

Some things to weigh when giving to new nonprofits

Let your philanthropy bloom; find a ‘master philanthropy gardener’

Let your philanthropy bloom; find a ‘master philanthropy gardener’

Write your story and leave a legacy

Ask how to make a better gift

Some essential questions about life and giving

Will Board Service Make you a Better Donor?

Climb the giving ladder your way

Why the Giving Triangle Matters

Josh Groban has some good tips on philanthropy

Decide where, when, how to give to disasters

Give in ways that honor your loved ones

Tips on making sense of nonprofit results

Invite generations to join in family giving

Healthy nonprofits have strong executive directors

Listen better to give better

Church-school partnerships impact children

Reasons to be, and not to be, an anonymous donor

Preventing meteors from crashing the mailbox

Tax change may impact your giving

Reflecting on giving in 2016 helps you make plans for next year

Let giving be a family holiday tradition

Your Philanthropy

Make sure your grown kids know what to expect when the will is read

It’s gratifying to talk about philanthropy with another donor

Book ‘The Power of Half’ explains how affluent family got off accumulation treadmill

The right numbers matter when you’re trying to do good

Successful donating starts with the end in mind

Make sure where money is going on international gifts

Who we are can be determined by our decisions about giving

Family can make highly functioning giving team

Ensure charitable return on investment for business

Communities are made better by partnerships

Identify recipient organizations of strength

Give now and make plans for 2016

Let respect and trust guide your giving during hectic season

A giving ladder that matters

Why you should give philanthropically

Friendship and fellowship grow giving

Do young fundraisers learn generosity?

Family stories spark giving

Talk money

The business of doing good

Trust and your money

Giving fingerprints show how values relate to giving decisions

Children learn generosity through family experiences

Now is the time to start a philanthropy conversation

Women of distinction’ honored for contributions to Smith County

Heart of Downtown Heart of Health Heart of Education

Yesterday’s Students, Today’s Leaders

Let’s start a conversation!