How to Love Your Favorite Nonprofit Organization this Month

How to Love Your Favorite Nonprofit Organization this Month

School-age memories are often etched into our psyche. For me, these memories are either clear and colorful or vague and foggy. One of the clear, colorful memories from elementary school came on February 14. Eleven years old, I was excited about the upcoming Father-Daughter Valentine’s Day Banquet.   That particular day was noteworthy to others, but I was too young to care. On that very day, J ...[Read More]

How to Become Santa for Someone this Year

Become Santa

In the late sixties, my family moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. My brother and I arrived at our new school in the middle of an outbreak of strep throat, also known as streptococcus. The outbreak was severe. They began weekly throat cultures on every student and sending anyone home who tested positive. My brother was sent home several weeks in a row after testing positive for strep throat, although show ...[Read More]

How Life Stories Become the Legacy You Leave


The everyday life you live is the legacy you leave. Yes, the stories of our lives become our legacy. We have no choice in the matter. Others look at the trail we walked, the life journey we are on and see a legacy.  The very nature of a legacy is storytelling. Our life stories are like a river that draws you along on its current.  While you can’t quite see beyond the bend, looking back i ...[Read More]

How to Raise Kids to Make, Save, and Give Money

Kid's Giving

The PARADE Magazine has been a part of my Sunday newspaper reading for more years than I can remember. Tucked in the largest paper of the week with advertisements and the comics, it was my earliest introduction to many things cultural. Started in 1941, PARADE magazine can be found in over 700 newspapers on most Sundays with an estimated readership of 54 million people. Older than I am, it is no wo ...[Read More]

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