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Yes, I STILL Love This Work!

I still love this work

As I sit here in our NEW Your Philanthropy office space surrounded by boxes needing to be unpacked, it is hard for me to believe this journey started five years ago. And now I’m looking to the next five and what’s next for Your Philanthropy. Today, I looked back and found one of the first blogs that I posted as I was leaving Fourth Partner and launching Your Philanthropy. Over the years it has gro ...[Read More]

How Looking Back Can Fuel Tomorrow’s Change   

Looking Back

January usually begins with resolutions for the future. But before resolutions can be made we need time to reflect on the past. I asked the question: what have we accomplished in the last five years at Your Philanthropy? A little math was in order. Just how much good had seven foundations and several major donors accomplished? Thirty-seven million. Yes, that’s what I said; actually, it’s $37,323,7 ...[Read More]

My Philanthropy or Your Philanthropy?

My Philanthropy or Your Philanthropy?

Here’s how it happens time after time. Someone I haven’t seen for a while asks me how my new business is going? Then they often follow it with “What’s the name again? My Philanthropy?” I always smile and say with emphasis “no, it’s Your Philanthropy.” What often follows is a quizzical look. I keep smiling, waiting to let them process the difference between my and your – one a pronoun and the other ...[Read More]

Google Can’t Answer Every Question

Google Can’t Answer Every Question

I just read that effective people usually ask good questions – not just of others, but of themselves. Then I read this, “Life is a big question that even Google can’t answer.” I don’t know who said it, but it’s the right quote for this fast paced internet-driven world we live in. When you want to know something how often do you Google it? I have to admit that I’ve become so reliant on ...[Read More]

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