Describing Wealth

by | Feb 8, 2014

Is it a large pile of money, possessions, or investment portfolios? Our upcoming March speaker, Thayer Willis, describes it this way:

“Let’s say the family has a big pile of money and a trail of broken relationships; nobody working or family members doing work that they don’t like; dilettantes, people adrift with no sense of purpose…what do you really have? That’s not wealth! To have wealth you have to be strong and true in relationships; have work in which you are constructive and loving it; and passion in your work, the strength to stick out the tough times, the setbacks – now, that’s wealth.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Thayer as she talks more about her definition of family wealth. She combines her personal experience as a child of wealth born into the multinational Georgia Pacific Corporation with a highly regarded practice working with inheritors and their families. Willis brings practical approaches to navigating wealth.

Thayer Willis will be with us at Willow Brook Country Club March 4 at 7 p.m. Email me to RSVP.

In my last post I described wealth this way:

“It’s about a family’s message to future generations about how they live their lives, spend money, career choices, education, volunteering. Wealth is about conversations that prepare the next generation for assuming the responsibility of stewarding whatever amount or form of wealth a family passes on.”

How your family describes wealth effects how you navigate the journey. Learn more about how the journey begins in this guest post by Cathy Krafve who asked her husband for a very different kind of birthday present.  (side note: I deeply appreciate Cathy’s willingness to write about her family’s  experience with Your Philanthropy.)

Don’t forget to mark your calendar and join us on March 7. Your family’s journey is unique. Come and learn more about it.

Here’s another chance – Email me to RSVP


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    • Your Philanthropy

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