Grandparents and giving

How to Share Your Generosity with a Child


A special note: This blog is mostly about grandparents, but I challenge you to replace those words with parents, aunt, uncle or friend every time you read them. This blog is about all of us and the unique role we play in the lives of the children all around us. “I love it when the grandkids come to visit during the summer. I miss the sounds of family.” That’s what one grandmother told me last week ...[Read More]

Grandparents Taught Giving Through Action

Giving Grandparents

Grandparents Day is Sunday! Originally established by presidential decree in 1978, it is intended as a day to honor grandparents for the contributions they make in our lives. On a personal note, I tend to be resistant to what I think of as “Hallmark” holidays driven by occasions card companies. Nevertheless, this one set me thinking about the contributions of my grandparents. I was fortunate enoug ...[Read More]

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