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How to be a Fan and Encourage Important Work

nonprofit fan

Four hundred unopened emails waiting for me to read, respond, or delete. Every day I try to reduce the number through quick deletions and one-line responses. But it bothers me that I have so little time to read the important information coming to me from countless organizations. I’ve been on nonprofit email lists for many years. And I will admit that often after a brief skim, they quickly mo ...[Read More]

Continue to Support a Nonprofit in Hard Times

nonprofit hard times

The recent three-day weekend afforded extra time for my gardening habit. I’ve created what I call the green monster in my yard. It takes a lot of my free time but is the source of both pleasure and pain. I experienced some of the pain while trimming bushes. Close by is a pretty, low-growing plant called Walker’s low catmint. I planted it in anticipation of the pleasure our cats experience rolling ...[Read More]

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