3 Insights From Leadership Forged in a Crisis

3 Insights From Leadership Forged in a Crisis

What will the great nonprofit leaders of today look like? What actions will they take that encourages us to look forward to a new future? Right now, all over this country, we are among nonprofit leaders being made – not born. To truly understand what to look for in leaders during times of crisis, sometimes we need to pause and look backward. Published in late 2017, the book, Forged in Crisis: The ...[Read More]

When Nonprofits Need to Make Changes, So Can You

nonprofit change

The conversation went something like this: “I’m sure you’ve heard they have a new Executive Director. What do you think is happening over there? Do you think they will survive?” The answer is yes, they will survive. In fact, my guess is they’ll still be going strong and delivering services, long after we’re gone. I’ve been working in and with nonprofits for nearly 40 years in the same community, a ...[Read More]

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