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How to Give Well When a Nonprofit is in Transition

nonprofit transition

A recent five-hour drive to my dad’s home was more than enough time for thoughts to drift in and out about work over the last several weeks. First, there was a phone conversation with a couple exploring a list of nonprofits and navigating how to make large donations to safe, stable organizations.  I reflected on the hard work of being intentional about the giving list and their next steps. T ...[Read More]

Take Time to Give Well When Disaster Strikes


Disasters keep coming at us, roaring across our TVs. There is little rhyme or reason and even less sensible explanation for why now, why there, why here. Texas, Florida, California, Puerto Rico and even Las Vegas. With so much loss of human life, personal belongings, financial infrastructure, how can we avoid being overwhelmed yet reach out and help? Make a better decision by first turning off the ...[Read More]

The Lost Art of Listening Strengthens Relationships


On the drive to work, I started listening to a book. Naturally, the focus of a book on listening was about better relationships with family, friends, even co-workers. But it triggered a memory when a gentleman I had never met called and said he’d heard about our organization from his buddies at the golf course. He was interested in making a donation. I was also the chief fundraiser, so always glad ...[Read More]

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