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How to Dig into a Nonprofit’s Numbers

nonprofit numbers

Paul Harvey might have left us ten years ago, but the rest of the story has never gone away. Growing up on AM radio meant that I listened to Paul Harvey talk about the news of the day and heard his fascinating The Rest of the Story segments almost daily. I learned things are never as simple as they appear on the surface. When I entered the nonprofit world, and later became a philanthropy advisor I ...[Read More]

How to Give from the Heart and Still Be Smart 

smart-hearted donor

Walking to the front of the room I knew I had one job to accomplish. I needed to thank officers, welcome new board members and especially turn the reins over to the new board chair. But as I turned to face the audience, it separated into the faces of spouses, children, friends, and co-workers who had one thing in common. Virtually everyone in the room had lost someone close while under the watchfu ...[Read More]

Know When to Donate to Founder-led Organizations


The nonprofit founder sitting across the table is frustrated by the challenge of raising needed funds. Busy developing and delivering services in the nonprofit’s early years, there’s been little time for fundraising. I ask questions and work my way around to one I believe is critical when small organizations are struggling, especially so when the founder is at the helm. “How many board membe ...[Read More]

Learning to Ask Essential Life Questions that Make You a Better Donor


“Wait, what?” How many times have you been sitting at a stop light, checking your phone and suddenly you hear the radio announcer say something that causes you to go “wait, what?” I need an easy backup button for my radio — just 30 seconds would do the trick. Or, you’re in a meeting, taking a few notes, thinking about the assignment on your desk you need to finish and you hear something about a ch ...[Read More]

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