6 Tips to Engage the Next Generation in Giving

next generation

My recent trip to the sunshine state was missing the yellow stuff as I drove in the blinding rain up the coast of Florida from St. Augustine to Jacksonville. Driving a rental car, listening to directions from my tablet, and not being able to see more than the lights in front of me was unsettling. I missed a hairpin exit where the sign said to slow to 25 miles. I did see the exit; but while process ...[Read More]

Four Ways to Influence Giving Like Warren Buffett


Are you the Warren Buffett of your social network? Do others follow your lead giving to the same organizations or in the same way you do? Two weeks ago, I spoke to a community leadership class about giving and philanthropy. We focused on everyone’s personal giving brand, what I call “Giving Fingerprints.”   Most folks are unaware of how deeply ingrained their giving actions are and how their decis ...[Read More]

The Power of Storytelling and Your Children’s Legacy


Storytelling is a skill we learn very early in life. Before we can read and write; we make up stories. We entertain ourselves and others with our stories, and we fill in gaps for what we don’t know. As a child, I regularly used the three blocks from home to school to make up vivid stories. I would be so engrossed I wasn’t aware of talking out loud to myself, resulting in a fair amount of teasing. ...[Read More]

Four Ways Saying No Leads to a Better Yes

Say no

You’ve begun to think of yourself as a philanthropist, a donor to causes and organizations you care about.  You know others see you as a philanthropist because overnight your mailbox has filled with fundraising letters, newsletters and invitations to events. You’re on the list. Not just the list for those you care about, but somehow now you’re hearing from organizations you aren’t really intereste ...[Read More]

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