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How Will Political Change Impact Your Giving? 


In the early eighties, as a very young nonprofit executive director, I experienced the impact of political change or rather the impact of the predictions of change. President Reagan was inaugurated in 1981. Tax reform winds were blowing strong. It took until 1986 for the tax reform act to pass Congress. During Reagan’s two terms of office, philanthropy changed in many ways, learning to rely less o ...[Read More]

Look, Listen and Learn for Better Giving This Year!


I don’t remember this for a fact, but I have it on good authority from author Robert Fulghum that the first word I learned from the Dick and Jane books of my first class reading circle was LOOK. It’s a very simple four letter word but has layers of meaning. To look at something is to direct our attention toward a person or thing in a very particular way. To look is intentional and purposeful. At l ...[Read More]

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