Should You Serve on the Board of Your Favorite Nonprofit?

board service

Start any new endeavor, learn a new skill or explore an unknown subject and you should have more questions than answers. The more interested you are in learning about that one thing, the more questions you will have. So, when a donor who had recently made a significant gift to an organization asked me if she should accept an invitation to serve on their board, I stopped to search for the best answ ...[Read More]

Climb the Giving Ladder Creating Your Own Giving Traditions

giving traditions

Peeping through a keyhole on Christmas morning, I could see the packages and toys Santa had brought for our band of four cousins. All under the age of 10, we took turns looking through the keyhole while my grandmother took her sweet time cooking breakfast. She was sweet, and I’m sure breakfast was as well, but I was a 6-year-old with a can’t-you-hurry-this-along attitude. The Christmas tree, with ...[Read More]

A Millennial Giving Revolution Focuses on Impact

Millennial Giving

A revolution is afoot. The next generation is changing how we give. Out-sized impact is predicted. The next generation of Gen Xers and rising Millennials are not only going to change how philanthropy is done; they will impact every nonprofit. Our children and grandchildren are revolting against us. They will give differently than we do. Many of us make donations to organizations and causes in hope ...[Read More]

Josh Groban’s Philanthropy, Less About Him, More About Cause

Josh Groban Foundation

Imagine you won the talent lottery and now you are adored by fans far and wide. So much so, that they actually go out and raise money to give back to you if you will start a foundation to change the world? If it were you, what would you do to change the world? That’s what happened to Josh Groban, singer, songwriter, and actor, with more than 25 million record sales. In 2005 fans interrupted a conc ...[Read More]

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