Phoning a Friend is a Donor Hack I Recommend

donor hack

Remember “phone a friend” on the hit TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? Well, it’s a donor hack I recommend to anyone who wants to make a better, smarter, more impactful (put your favorite word here) gift. When it’s time to do giving well, phone a friend. Imagine this scenario: You’re having coffee with your best friend. Or you’re on the golf course waiting to tee off. Your frien ...[Read More]

How to Choose a Personal Giving Adviser

giving adviser

What does the act of giving look like for you? What happens in your mind between the time you hear or read a story that describes a need and when you make the contribution? Is the desire to contribute a heart response or a mind response? Most likely it is both. Dr. Jen Shang, a philanthropic psychologist and director of research at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy in Devon, Southwe ...[Read More]

Know When to Donate to Founder-led Organizations


The nonprofit founder sitting across the table is frustrated by the challenge of raising needed funds. Busy developing and delivering services in the nonprofit’s early years, there’s been little time for fundraising. I ask questions and work my way around to one I believe is critical when small organizations are struggling, especially so when the founder is at the helm. “How many board membe ...[Read More]

Curiosity Helps Identify Solutions to Make a Difference

donor curiosity

Grady, our adopted tabby cat, came to live with us eight years ago. He had a sizable chip on his shoulder, and a look that said, “What took you so long to bring me home?” It took a long time to smooth the chip off, but eventually, he accepted 30 seconds of affection in addition to feeding-time strokes he loudly demands. Over time he adopted our corgi, Casey, and now accompanies us on morning walks ...[Read More]

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