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Compounding Will Increase Personal Satisfaction in Giving


Use compounding to rethink giving and increase personal satisfaction in your life. Here’s the basic premise: any size gift can benefit from the effects of compounding. There are many examples of individuals who have used compounding to generate earnings from previous earnings. About 15 years ago, I was sitting with a group having casual conversation when someone said they had the opportunity to bu ...[Read More]

Be Careful Before You Cross the Giving Bridge

Giving Bridge

I know my childhood memory of the Big Eddy Bridge, now under Lake Palestine, is not quite accurate. But the memory is real.  Every chance we got, my brother and I would convince my dad to drive over the very old and very rickety bridge.  It seemed like every board in that old wooden bridge slapped the tires as my dad slowly made his way across. Sometimes he would stop right in the middle and debat ...[Read More]

Start a Philanthropy Conversation

philanthropy conversation

Now is the time to start a philanthropy conversation. We live in a generous community. The proof is all around us. We put others in front of ourselves and give our money, things we no longer need, our time and sometimes our wisdom. As the end of the year draws to a close, we have many opportunities to be generous. In Smith County alone, there are at least 1,190 great causes, according to East Texa ...[Read More]

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