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Let Passion Guide How to Give to the Community


I promise not to take too long to tell this story, but sometimes the details matter. Three years ago, about this same time of the year, I had a short conversation with George Roberts, CEO of the North East Texas Public Health District. He called to ask if I could facilitate two local coalitions to which I replied yes. I have facilitated many group meetings over the years, and so this seemed right ...[Read More]

Like Paul Newman, Philanthropy Is Often an Accidental Journey


The accidental philanthropist was a movie star we watched and loved throughout a half-century acting career. He considered himself lucky; he was born with piercing blue eyes and was ruggedly handsome. He was so recognizable that Paul Newman always wore sunglasses in public. A typical description of Paul Newman, who died 10 years ago this month, reads “American actor, voice actor, film director, pr ...[Read More]

Discover the Unique Giver You Were Designed to Be

unique giver

How do you give? Is it in the moment, or after much reflection or research? Do you respond to a request from a friend just because it’s a friend? Do you take a chance on winning the trip while at the same time helping a nonprofit? Or are you all about the party fundraiser? I have a friend who loves party fundraisers. Her husband finds a buddy to talk with while she dances from one group to another ...[Read More]

Phoning a Friend is a Donor Hack I Recommend

donor hack

Remember “phone a friend” on the hit TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? Well, it’s a donor hack I recommend to anyone who wants to make a better, smarter, more impactful (put your favorite word here) gift. When it’s time to do giving well, phone a friend. Imagine this scenario: You’re having coffee with your best friend. Or you’re on the golf course waiting to tee off. Your frien ...[Read More]

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