Gift-Giving Advice for Children

I heard a great story last week. A father told me that his young daughter had asked if she could adopt a child in another country and his reply was something like, “Oh honey, the organizations that say they do that are just scams, and the money doesn’t really feed the child.” She was a determined daughter and set out to save her money to do it anyway. She kept the picture of the child she adopted ...[Read More]

Five Tips for a Better Family Conversation

“We need to talk to our kids about some of our philanthropy decisions, but we’ve never had those kinds of talks before. It’s all in our will, but we haven’t shared it with them.  I think we’re late, but when is late too late? We don’t know where to start.” You may remember the above quote from a blog I wrote not long ago.  My answer was, “Where to start is at the beginning.  When to start is soone ...[Read More]

Fred Smith: My Fair Lady

In 1931, Judge Sam Lindsey donated a plot of land on South Broadway to the Tyler Women’s Forum for their new building – the Tyler Woman’s Building – with the stipulation that the building be completed within one year. That was quite a challenge in 1931, but it was dedicated one year later and has served Tyler as a meeting place not only for women’s groups but the enti ...[Read More]

Ready, Set, Go!

Dawn Franks

As a kid, I can remember the excitement of lining up at recess to begin a race and the teacher saying those exact words, “Ready, Set, Go!”  We were all supposed to take a moment at the chalked starting line to get ready, set our tennis shoes in the most advantageous starting positions possible, and then run as fast as possible to win the race when the teacher said, “GO!” Back then, I w ...[Read More]

When is Late Too Late?

Dawn Franks

That was the question she asked me in a casual conversation recently.  It started as the common “how are things going?” conversation. She asked about our organization’s name change again, “Your something?”  I reminded her it was “Your Philanthropy” and things were going well.  Almost before I ended the sentence she looked down and quietly said, “We need to talk to our ...[Read More]

Fred Smith: It’s a Conspiracy

Fred Smith

Like most of the people reading this, I have more than enough meetings. So, when someone calls and says they want to get together, I have learned to ask a few questions ahead of time. I should have asked more questions about my meeting this week with Steve Smith. I might have declined. I like entrepreneurs. I like almost everything about them – even their sometimes odd personalities, quirks and me ...[Read More]

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