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Your Philanthropy™ is for people of significant means who want guidance, accountability and understanding as they coordinate their philanthropic and investment portfolios more fully with their deeply held values. We work with financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, corporate executives and of course, individuals who are wanting to achieve more value in their philanthropy.


Mentoring Minds
Creating an Employee Based Giving Program

Your Philanthropy helped Mentoring Minds create a companywide giving program involving employees called MindSHARE. 

Dawn worked with company leadership to identify giving principles in line with the Mentoring Minds core mission. MindSHARE was born creating an employee based giving process that involves analyses factors such as employee involvement and organizational reach. Process and procedures were created that are used today to make quarterly grants totaling up to $20,000 per year.

“To us, facilitation is the key to a successful corporate giving program. Dawn asked all of the right questions, and she helped us put our thoughts together to come up with a formal process to present and implement throughout our company. In fact, we love what Your Philanthropy does – and what Dawn did – so much that we have integrated our corporate giving program as part of our onboarding process for all new employees. We totally trust Your Philanthropy, and Dawn’s professionalism is always apparent.”

~ Lisa and Michael Lujan, Founders Mentoring Minds

Family Engagement

The Krafve Family
Helping a Family Learn to Give Together

Your Philanthropy worked with two generations to explore giving together as a family identifying a gift to make in honor of their grandmother.

Through an exercise Dawn developed each family member identified their personal Giving Fingerprints and then they worked together to create their Family Giving Fingerprints. With an understanding of their differences and similarities they identified the perfect gift to honor grandmother.

“We turned to Dawn Franks for some good old-fashioned advice on how to be thoughtful-strategic even- about the money we get to give away. We wanted to integrate our grown-up kids into a giving process that would be family friendly. And we wanted a big bang for our buck.”

~ Krafve Family

Family Foundation

Ben and Maytee Fisch Foundation
Ensuring Successful Foundation Giving

Your Philanthropy assisted a private family foundation create a grant-making and assessment process facilitating more than 80 grant decisions annually. YP manages the on-line grant process, recordkeeping, financial reporting and conducts other administrative duties necessary to ensure three successful family meetings each year.

The Fisch Foundation began with three generations and today Generation Two and Three continue to keep the intentions of the founder alive.

Your Philanthropy provided invaluable knowledge and assistance to our Foundation, especially helping us gain insight into grant-making. We would highly recommend Your Philanthropy to family foundations that may want to improve or alter their grant-making processes.”

~ Fisch Foundation

Anderson-Vukelja Foundation
Starting a New Foundation, Engaging the Next Generation

Your Philanthropy worked with a small foundation in the early start-up phase to create a grant-making and decision process including a young second generation.  Dawn comes alongside a new foundation to assist with the many decisions needed in the early phase of a foundation. She can train family members and foundation directors to manage the process themselves or provide administrative support by contract. She can help you engage the next generation and ensures a philanthropic experience for many years to come.

“Dawn has been invaluable in helping me negotiate the intricacies of our family foundation. However, most importantly she has been a bridge between all members of the family getting us on the same page regarding what we collectively want to accomplish but allowing latitude to explore our personal interests.”

~ Larry Anderson

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