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Climb The Giving Ladder Creating Your Own Giving Traditions

giving traditions

Peeping through a keyhole on Christmas morning, I could see the packages and toys Santa had brought for our band of four cousins. All under the age of 10, we took turns looking through the keyhole while my grandmother took her sweet time cooking breakfast. She was sweet, and I’m sure breakfast was as well, but I was a 6-year-old with a can’t-you-hurry-this-along attitude. The Christmas tree, with ...[Read More]

Understanding the Giving Impact of the Next Generation

A revolution is afoot. The next generation is changing how we give. Out-sized impact is predicted. The next generation of Gen Xers and rising Millennials are not only going to change how philanthropy is done; they will impact every nonprofit. Our children and grandchildren are revolting against us. They will give differently than we do. Many of us make donations to organizations and causes in hope ...[Read More]

Impact Children Through Church-School Partnerships

church-school partnerships

Think back to a time when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Now think about a time when you asked your child or grandchild what they wanted to be when they grew up. Doctor, teacher, nurse, astronaut, cowboy, rock star. OK, you and I would not have said rock star, and your grandchild probably didn’t say cowboy. Times change. The desire to be something when we grow up is inna ...[Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Anonymous Giving

anonymous giving

How anonymous is an anonymous gift? A good place to start is what it means to you. Is it not being known for specific actions or gifts you made? Is it being known by a few but not the many? Is it making a gift or doing something that is unremarkable or unnoticed? A yes means you’re right there with the dictionary definition. Now let’s talk about what you mean when you say, “I want to make an anony ...[Read More]

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