6 Motivations Driving Family Philanthropy

family philanthropy

Why does a family work together to give together? Despite the challenges of just being family, something else drives them toward a philanthropic vision and provides motivation to fuel their giving efforts. Sitting with a family while they sift through formal giving requests or year-end appeal letters provides a glimpse into all that is right about a family and often what gets in their way of being ...[Read More]

Play Makes Smart Giving

Play Smart Giving

Lego kids have come of age, and I don’t mean recently. They’ve been of age for some time now. You probably remember stumbling over Lego bricks or trying to build the picture on the box. Your forty-something-year-old kids had their share of boxes and buckets of Legos, and now your grandchildren are going to the Lego movie, a popular computer-animated adventure comedy film. All that creating and bui ...[Read More]

The Power of a NextGen Giver: Steven Rogers

NextGen Giver

Steven Rogers is a nextgen giver raised in Tyler, Texas, in a family that is serious, but quietly active in the giving community. Today he works as a business consultant and has been working with clients both in the U.S. and Mexico. When he was in his senior year at Wheaton College in 2007, he and 19 other men formed The Shade Partnership Fund, a giving group to hopefully help continue their frien ...[Read More]

How Giving Traditions Glue Generations Together

giving traditions

A large wooden crate seemed to hold all the decorations needed for the Christmas tree trimming I remember from my childhood. My dad would produce the crate each year, and my mother would supervise the opening and unpacking. The box held all kinds of treasures – lights, ornaments, my favorite Santa Claus and icicles. Could one wooden box hold all the treasures? It’s doubtful, but that d ...[Read More]

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